Radiation Safety

Radioactive Materials


All uses of radioactive materials at Indiana University - Bloomington must be specifically authorized by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).
An individual who wishes to use radioactive material may seek approval as either a Principal Investigator or an Individual User.  The Principal Investigator directs and supervises a project whereas an Individual User works under the supervision of a Principal Investigator.

Application for Approval as a Principal Investigator

The individual seeking approval as a Principal Investigator begins the authorization process by completing Form RS-1.  This form requests information on the purpose and scope of the project, the facilities and equipment to be utilized, the safety procedures to be observed, the individuals who will work on the project, and the training and experience of the applicant (see Sections 5 and 13 of the Radiation Safety Manual for requirements in these areas). Any supplemental information needed to adequately describe the project should be attached to the application form.  Completed copies of Form RS-2 detailing the training and experience of each Individual User on the project must also be submitted.

Review and Approval of Initial Application

The completed application must be submitted to the Radiation Safety Officer.  As part of the application review, the RSO meets at least once with the applicant to discuss various details of the project.  Based upon this review, the RSO determines whether authorization is to be granted.  If the application is approved, the RSO completes and signs an authorization form and forwards it to the Principal Investigator.  Any possible conditions under which authorization is granted are specified on the authorization form.
Should approval of a project not be granted, a written notification, which includes an explanation for this decision, is forwarded to the applicant. This notification contains a description of the possible modifications to the project that would be necessary for it to be approved.

Application to Amend Use

Requests for changes in a Principal Investigator's use of radioactive material, as originally approved by the RSO, must be made in writing to the RSO. Requested changes will be subject to the same review and approval process as was the original application.  The Principal Investigator is notified of the approval of a change through an amendment to his or her authorization form.

Renewal of Project Authorizations

Each authorization for use of radioactive materials is issued with a formal expiration date.  Prior to this date, the Principal Investigator will receive from the RSO a renewal request form that must be completed and submitted in order to reauthorize the project.  Most projects involving radioactive material must be renewed on an annual basis.

Application for Approval as an Individual User

Any person who wishes to be approved as an Individual User of radioactive material must indicate that he or she has completed the required training (see below) by submitting a completed Form RS-2 to the RSO.  Note that this application must be approved and signed by the Principal Investigator of the project on which the Individual User wishes to work.  
Form RS-2 can be submitted for an Individual User at the time of the Principal Investigator's initial application for project approval or at any time thereafter.  The Principal Investigator will be notified of the approval of personnel additions to his or her project through an amended authorization form.