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Bed Bugs
Report an Infestation

Educate yourselves about bed bugs and conduct self inspections. If you believe you have a bed bug infestation contact your Resident Manager, Hotel Manager, IU Real Estate or House Director and inform them of the suspected infestation. Review the additional guidance on this website.

Resident Managers/Hotel Managers/ House Directors/IU Real Estate:

Provide education materials to residents from this website. Familiarize yourselves with bed bug identification and inspection processes. Follow the Bed Bug Management Plan and university protocols on this website. If a confirmed infestation has been reported to you notify the University Office of Environmental Health and Safety Management as soon as possible.

Pest Management Professionals

There are many different pest control companies in the area that are trained in bed bug eradication. Contact our office if you need assistance in locating pest management professionals. Seek out multiple companies and quotes to best fit your facilities needs.

Treatment Options

We would not advise any treatment until a Pest Management Professional can be consulted. There are many different treatment options available for bed bugs; some are more effective than others. Consult with your pest management professional as well as our office for the best methods for your facility.

Environmental Health and Safety

Indiana University’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety Management will assist in coordinating the response effort to a bed bug infestation. EHS may contact pertinent parties within the University and local community in order to best respond to an infestation.

Contact information:
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