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SARA (EPCRA) Chemical Reporting

Chemicals to Report
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SARA reporting all goes back to individual chemicals even if they are a small part of a larger product or mixture. For example, Clorox bleach is a variable percentage of sodium hypochlorite in a water solution. Clorox Bleach is the mixture, in this case a particular product and sodium hypochlorite is the chemical. There are three categories that you need to compare your chemicals with to see if they are reportable. These categories are as follows:

  1. Chemicals reported for IU in the previous year.
  2. Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHSs).
  3. Chemicals that you have in quantities >10,000 pounds.

Click on the first two categories to see lists that you can compare your chemicals to. Also for the first two categories, report any amounts of chemicals that you have as the amount for the entire University is eventually aggregated.

When reporting, list one chemical per entry. If it is a product or mixture, list this in the next column. If there are two reportable chemicals in this product or mixture, report the other chemical under a separate entry.

Chemicals IU Reported Last Year

Extremely Hazardous Chemicals (EHS's)