Food Protection

All IU food service establishments must meet the Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements established by the state. Environmental, Health, and Safety Management works to ensure that all who live, work, and visit our campuses are provided with safe food. This is done through routine, follow up, complaint, pre-operational and temporary event inspections of food service facilities and special events that provide food to the public. We are not just inspectors, however. We are here to help whenever we are needed through education, training, and consultation at IU Bloomington and on all of our branch campuses.

News, Food Recalls, and Public Health Advisories

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Indiana Food Recalls
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Temporary Event Food Service

All events open to the public on IU properties must comply with IU’s Policy for Temporary Food Service Events and organizers must submit the required Temporary Event Food Service Application (TEFSA). These events must also meet the requirements of the Office of Risk Management Policies relating to temporary food service and alcohol.


Indiana University Policy for Temporary Event Food Service
Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims – Alcohol Policy


Submit your Temporary Event Food Service Application Online

Food Safety Guidance and Resources for Temporary Event Food Service

Decision Tree for Temporary Events Open to the Public
Guidelines for a Safe Temporary Food Event
On Campus Pizza
Bake Sales
Outdoor Events
Guidance for Temporary Handwashing and Dishwashing
Bacteria Control Chart
Handwashing and Drying Procedures for Food Employees

Retail Food Establishments
Registration and Plan Review for New or Remodeled Food Service Operation

Registration Application for Retail Food Establishment – all food establishments must register with and receive inspection by EHS prior to beginning initial food service operations on IU property.  Additionally, each retail food establishment must register annually with our office and submit annual registration fees in order to operate food service on IU properties.

All planned renovation and new construction of retail food establishments must submit the required plan review paperwork, design plans, equipment schedules, and menu to EHS for review and approval prior to construction.

Application for Plan Review
Plan Review Questionnaire Instructions
Plan Review QuestionnaireThis form shall be completed, submitted, reviewed, and approved, prior to the start of construction of a food establishment. Any questions concerning the form or plan review process should be directed to the EHS Public Health Group.

Food Regulation and Inspection

Indiana Food Code – all establishments are inspected based on the Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements 410 IAC 7-24

Certification of Food Handler Requirements - 410 IAC 7-22

Recognized certification providers:

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

Response to Inspection – If you have received an inspection report from EHS and wish to respond to the report, please use this form to respond.

Self Inspection Checklist – You and your staff can use this checklist to conduct occasional self-inspections to ensure that your facility is a healthy, safe, and compliant operation. This checklist covers the majority of what EHS inspectors look for during a health inspection.

Employee Illness

Template Employee Illness Policy this template is to assist retail food establishments in developing a policy to handle ill food employees.
Food Employee Health Policy Questionnaire
FDA Employee Health and Personal Hygiene Interactive Tool

Food Defense

Food Defense is the means of preventing or eliminating the deliberate contamination of food by bacterial agents, toxins, chemicals, radiation, or a physical object.  Prevention is the most important aspect of food defense.  

Indiana State Department of Health Food Defense Program
Guide for Developing a Food Defense Plan for Food Establishments
FDA Food Defense and Emergency Response
Food Defense Checklist

Farm, Garden, and Produce Safety

Campus Garden and Farm Online Produce Safety Training
Good Agricultural Practices for IU Campus Garden Volunteers
Indiana Guidance on Whole Uncut Fresh Produce
FDA Guidance for Produce Safety

Additional Resources

State and Federal

Indiana State Department of Health – Food Protection Program
Food and Drug Administration
Centers for Disease Control and Protection
Fight Bac

Food Safety Education Materials

List of Food Borne Illnesses
Communicable Disease Quick Facts
Proper Cooling
Bacteria Control Chart
Handwashing and Drying Procedures for Food Employees
Manual Warewashing Procedures
Thermometer Calibration
Food Temperature Log

Emergency Response for Retail Food Establishments

Guidance for Retail Food Establishments for Boil Water Orders, Advisories or Notices
Food Safety after a Fire
Food Safety during Floods
Food Safety during a Power Outage
Food Safety during Sewage Backup